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Since the earliest days of the space race,
Houston's been known as a launchpad
for wisdom that helps people aspire higher.


At home on the west side of the Metroplex,
CW Edwards applies similar wisdom
to accounting, tax, and business consulting.


Because we're licensed CPAs,
we have the expertise you need to grow
personally and professionally through
accounting and tax optimization.

Because we're neighbors, you can be sure
we'll care for your account like family.



CW Edwards offers full-service accounting, tax, and business consulting services, all backed by the licensed wisdom of our CPA team, including:

  • Comprehensive Bookkeeping

  • Tax Preparation & Filing

  • Business Asset Management

  • Business Cost Minimization

  • Retirement/Estate Planning



Tax filing, financial risk management, planning, and advice. Get the qualified expertise you need to address key individual and business needs from our licensed team of CPAs.

At CW Edwards, we offer custom-built service teams to address the unique needs of each client, all under the direction and advisement of Christopher Edwards, CPA.



Book an appointment now with CW Edwards and we'll return to you our signature UPBRIEF.

The UPBRIEF details key insights about your individual or commercial accounting/tax situation, and provides 5 great ways of maximizing wealth and peace-of-mind. 

Best of all, the UPBRIEF is free, with no obligation.

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